Keep the POWER in your Palm

No one's potential should be limited to the power of the factory battery on their phone or tablet.

Excellent EMERGENCY Backup

Never find yourself without a charge to power your essential life and job saving devices! You can mark this one off of your hurricane check list.

Work WHEREVER You want to

Live life inspired! You don't have to be limited to the length of a cord or by the accessibility of an outlet. Recharge up to 3x.

SLEEK features

Small and Sleek, Easy To Carry, Recharges Your Phone, Tablet, Game or Music Device Anywhere, Recharge up to 3 times, Charges 2 times faster than the wall outlet, 100% Guaranteed .

Palm Power Battery

Compact and lightweight, its design enables mobility and reduces or eliminates the concern for a power source at your next destination or big presentation. This device can power a cell phone up to 3 full charges on just one Palm Power battery charge and it is extremely competitively priced compared to less capable products on the market. Battery Been Dying? Never go Dead Again.

Palm Power Battery

Technology continues to influence and power our daily lives. High-tech companies continue to amaze us with ever-increasing advances in computing power and the miniaturization of the hardware that houses those powering capabilities. Nowhere is this more evident than in the communications realm where we are increasingly reliant on our mobile devices for real time access to all types of information related to our personal and professional endeavors. Activities such as internet surfing, snapping and downloading photos and video, texting, talking, conducting presentations, navigating from point A to point B, purchasing our favorite products and services or staying in touch with family and friends through social media all represent a large portion of our time spent on a daily basis. With this reliance comes the constant concern of maintaining power levels for devices as well as having an available energy source at the ready to recharge whenever and wherever needed.

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  • Item #: YZPBHW6000
  • Capacity: 6000mAh
  • Input: DC 5V/1A
  • Output: DC 5V1A
  • Input Charging Time: 6-7 hours
  • Weight: 5.4oz/153g
  • Dimensions: 6.0"/153mm(L)*2.7"/67mm(W)*0.3"/8mm(H)
  • Charging Cable Connectors: USB and Micro-USB
  • Charging Cable Length: 24"/60cm
  • Palm Power Review

    Nothing’s more annoying than having to recharge your smart phone while out and about. With all the meetings and running around I have to do on a daily basis, a portable battery charger is a great asset to my hectic schedule. The Palm Power Battery Charger is an innovative option for just about anyone. Forget sitting in your car for thirty minutes or more just to get a little juice for your phone. And don’t take a chance of leaving it plugged in somewhere like behind the bar or attached to an outlet at a restaurant - turn your back for two seconds and your phone could be swiped in an instant! The portable charger is sleek and can fit in a ladie’s clutch when you go out, or a gentleman’s coat pocket, along with a small USB cord to connect to any smart phone. It’s about five inches in length by just over two inches in width and ¼ inch in height, about the length of my hand, weighing in at about five ounces. It’s not too cumbersome and more convenient than a wall charger. All you do is charge it up through your computer or a wall charger and the flashing red lights will indicate when it’s fully charged. Then keep it in your purse or jacket as backup for when you need a boost! It provides 3 full charges for a mobile device on a single charge! Great for travelling, power outages, and even camping! It’s a super-charged electronics accessory that provides peace of mind on the go!

    Raela Marie Villanueva is the marketing & events coordinator for Culinary Productions, Inc. and a freelance writer for Bella and Po10tial Magazines. She’s also a content writer for Converge App and the Eat Beat publication.


    I use my PPBC everyday and I would give it a very high rating. The PPBC performs as well or better than similar products at nearly half the cost. I depend on my mobile devices to keep me connected and able to do business while jumping from plane to plane. Every time I travel I seem to be in need of a charge at the same time as everyone else in the airport. My PPBC allows me to skip the endless search for an outlet, keep my devices charged and remain connected to my office and clients without disruption. Additionally, it's slim frame is an ideal fit for my jacket pocket (and enormous convenience). I have been recommending the PPBC to friends and family members. It is worth every penny!


    I use my PPBC 4 to 5 times a week and I give an "A" rating. I have owned other battery chargers in the past and the Palm Power Battery Charger'sperformance is equal to *some* other chargers on the market but better than*most*.


    My better half recently was invited to a college football game. They left about noon on Saturday - flew to the game - spent 4 hours at the game and flew back. She was on her phone most of the time snapping pictures and updating her status (and texting me occasionally)... She used the palm batter source to keep her phone charged and had battery juice to spare when she got home! It was a "life saver."


    I love the PPBC it will actually charge my cell when the battery is almost down to 0%. I can use it when I am away from the wall charger and it just does a great job. I try and recharge the PPBC at least every 3 days so not sure how long it takes for that to lose charge. For me it solves the problem with the droid that I have and it will not hold a charge for a day.. I would recommend the PalmPower Battery to anyone.


    I use my Palm Power quite often. I keep it on my bed stand so I don't have to rearrange charger locations. I also take it with me in the car. It charges so fast that I always have plenty of charge when I reach my destination. It is great to have when are someplace that you don't have access to an outlet. It is very quick when charging my phone. I also like the 3 charges it carries, often more if I am just topping off my phone. It is an excellent asset to have when traveling and not sure where next opportunity to charge will be. I recommend this product and I'm thinking of putting it in a Christmas stocking!


    Loved, loved, loved using my Palm Power battery during a recent trip to Walt Disney World. Since I was using the new Disney app all day, my regular Iphone 5 battery ran out by lunch. I was so glad I put the Palm Power in my backpack and could recharge my Iphone while touring the park. Great device!

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